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215 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 271 Digital Circuits and Systems CSE 586 Introduction to Synthetic Biology CSE 587 Advanced Systems and Synthetic Biology CSE 590 Research Seminar CSE 591 Group Projects in Computer Science CSE 599 Special Topics in Computer Science CSE 600 Independent Study or Research CSE 601 Internship CSE 700 Master's Thesis CSE 800 Doctoral Dissertation EE 449 Design of Automatic Control Systems EE 544 Advanced Robot Manipulation EE 546 DNA Systems Engineering ME 495 Mechatronics Capstone Design CSE M 544 Database Systems CSE M 552 Introduction to Distributed Systems CSE M 584 Computer Security CSE P 501 Compiler Construction CSE P 503 Principles of Software Engineering CSE P 504 Advanced Topics in Software Systems CSE P 505 Programming Languages CSE P 510 Human Computer Interaction CSE P 517 Natural Language Processing CSE P 521 Applied Algorithms CSE P 524 Parallel Computation CSE P 527 Computational Biology CSE P 531 Computability and Complexity Theory CSE P 544 Database Management System CSE P 545 Transaction Processing CSE P 546 Data Mining CSE P 548 Computer Architecture CSE P 551 Computer Operating Systems CSE P 552 Distributed Systems CSE P 557 Current Trends in Computer Graphics CSE P 561 Network Systems CSE P 564 Computer Security and Privacy CSE P 567 Design and Implementation of Digital Systems CSE P 573 Applications of Artificial Intelligence 332 Devices and Circuits II 361 Applied Electromagnetics 398 Introduction to Professional Issues 402 Engineering Design by Teams: Robotics II 416 Random Signals for Communications and Signal Processing 533 Photodetectors and Photodetection 537 Computational Methods For Circuit Analysis and Simulation 540 VLSI Testing 543 Models of Robot Manipulation 546 Advanced Topics in Control System Theory 549 State Estimation and Kalman Filtering 552 Power System Dynamics and Control 562 Artificial Intelligence For Engineers Undergraduate of electrical Engineering graduate of electrical Engineering undergraduate of Robotic graduate of Robotic Undergraduate of COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING graduate of COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING 571 High Frequency Circuits and Antennas: Computation of Fields 577 Special Topics in Computer Vision 583 Nonlinear Control Systems 591 Robotics and Control Systems Colloquium 597 Networked Dynamics Systems AA 518 Automatic Control of Flight Vehicles AA 549 Estimation and System Indentification AA 583 Nonlinear Control Systems AA 591 Robotics, Control and Mechatronics Colloquium AA 594 Robust Control CSE 120 Computer Science Principles CSE 131 Science and Art of Digital Photography CSE 142 Computer Programming I 100 21st Century Civil and Environmental Engineering 297 Foreign Study 299 Independent Project 327 Transportation Engineering 357 Environmental Engineering 404 Infrastructure Construction 416 Urban Transportation Planning and Design 424 GIS for Civil Engineers 436 Foundation Design 442 Structural Geotechnical Capstone Design Project 451 Design of Metal Structures 454 Design Timber Structures 457 Advanced Struc I 473 Coastal Engineering I 476 Physical Hydrology 481 Hydraulic Design for Environmental Engineering 484 Decentralized and On-Site Wastewater Management and Reuse 496 Fate and Transport of Chemicals in the Environment 498 Topic: Advanced Remote Sensing and Earth Observation 498 Topic: Geohazards 498 Topic: Resource Recovery 500 CEE Seminars - Structures 501 Structural Mechanics 504 Finite Element Methods in Structural Mechanics 511 Adv Reinforced Concrete 515 Earthquake Engineering I 518 Reliability and Design CSE 143 Computer Programming II CSE 154 Web Programming CSE 160 Data Programming CSE 190 Current Topics in Computer Science and Engineering CSE 301 CSE Internship Education CSE 311 Foundations of Computing I CSE 312 Foundations of Computing II CSE 331 Software Design and Implementation CSE 332 Data Structures and Parallelism CSE 333 Systems Programming CSE 341 Programming Languages CSE P 576 Computer Vision CSE P 590 Special Topics in Computer Science CSE P 595 Software Entrepreneurship CSE P 596 Business Basics Computer Science Professionals CSE P 600 Independent Study or Research CSE 344 Introduction to Data Management CSE 351 The Hardware/Software Interface CSE 352 Hardware Design and Implementation CSE 369 Introduction to Digital Design CSE 371 Design of Digital Circuits and Systems CSE 373 Data Structures and Algorithms CSE 374 Intermediate Programming Concepts and Tools CSE 390 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering CSE 391 System and Software Tools CSE 399 CSE Foreign Study CSE 401 Introduction to Compiler Construction CSE 403 Software Engineering CSE 409DF Robotics Capstone 420 Design in Communications 425 Laboratory Methods in Synthetic Biology 442 Digital Signals and Filtering 443 Design and Application of Digital Signal Processors 449 Systems, Controls, and Robotics Capstone 453 Electric Drives 456 Computer-Aided Design In Power Systems 462 Electromagnetics I: Microwave Engineering 465 Fiber Optics, Devices, and Applications 470 Computer Architecture II CSE 410 Computer Systems CSE 413 Programming Languages and Their Implementation CSE 414 Introduction to Database Systems CSE 415 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CSE 417 Algorithms and Computational Complexity CSE 421 Introduction to Algorithms CSE 427 Computational Biology CSE 428 Computational Biology Capstone CSE 431 Introduction to Theory of Computation CSE 440 Introduction to HCI: User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation 541 Biological Treatment Systems 545 Enviromental Organic Chemistry 552 Environmental Regulations (online) 561 Transporation Planning & Design (online) 564 Sustainable Transp. from a Systems Perspective (online) 567 Health & Sustainable Transportation (online) 570 Hydrodynamics 574 Adv Hydrology 578 Water Resources System Mgmt & Ops 583 Transportation Energy & Sustainability 587 Global Trade, Transp, & Logistics Mgmt 589 Transit Systems Planning Undergraduate of Mechanical Engineering graduate of Mechanical Engineering graduate of Aerospace Engineering 592 Statistical Fund'l for Constr/Mat'ls App (online) 596 Pavement Construction (online) 599 Special Topics: Geotechnial Earthquake Engineering 599 Special Topics: Open-Channel Engr 599 Special Topics: Sustainable Roadways 599/498 Special Topics: Environmental Analyses CSE 441 Advanced HCI: Advanced User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation CSE 442 Data Visualization CSE 444 Database Systems Internals CSE 446 Machine Learning CSE 450 Animation Production Seminar CSE 451 Introduction to Operating Systems CSE 452 Introduction to Distributed Systems 123 - Visualization and CAD 323 - Thermodynamics 354 - Mechanics of Materials Lab 373 - Introduction to System Dynamics 403 - Material-Removal Processes 415 - Sustainability and Design for Environment 426 - Sustainable Energy Design 440 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Solids 450 - Intro to Composite Materials and Design 468 - Air-Pollution Control Equipment Design 471 - Automatic Control 477 - Embedded Computing in Mechanical Systems 485 - Intro to Electronic Packaging and Materials 495 - Fuel Cell Technology 495 - Mechanical Engineering Design 498 - Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering 499 - Human-Powered Submarine 503 - Continuum Mechanics 508 - Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements 518 - Seminar in Manufacturing Management 523 - Energy & Environment Seminar 530 - Heat Conduction and Radiation 534 - Fluid Mechanics II 541 - Fatigue of Materials 547 - Linear Systems Theory 550 - Nonlinear Optimal Control 553 - Adhesion Mechanics 557 - Experimental Stress Analysis II 562 - Introduction to Electronic Composites 565 - Mechanical Engineering Analysis 572 - Methodologies for Engineering Design: Conceptual Design 579 - Fluid Power Systems 582 - Intro to Discrete Event Systems 585 - System Identification and Adaptive Control CSE 454 Advanced Internet and Web Services CSE 455 Computer Vision CSE 456 Story Design for Computer Animation CSE 457 Computer Graphics CSE 458 Computer Animation CSE 459 Pre-Production for Collaborative Animation CSE 460 Animation Capstone CSE 461 Introduction to Computer-Communication Networks CSE 464 Advanced Topics in Digital Animation CSE 467 Advanced Digital Design CSE 469 Computer Architecture I CSE 470 Computer Architecture II CSE 472 Introduction to Computational Linguistics CSE 473 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CSE 474 Introduction to Embedded Systems CSE 475 Embedded Systems Capstone CSE 481 Capstone Software Design CSE 484 Computer Security CSE 486 Introduction to Synthetic Biology CSE 487 Advanced Systems and Synthetic Biology CSE 488 Laboratory Methods in Synthetic Biology CSE 490 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering CSE 491 Data Science and Society Seminar CSE 495 Project Practicum CSE 497 Undergraduate Research Seminar CSE 498 Senior Project CSE 499 Reading and Research CHEM E 299 Undergraduate Research CHEM E 301 Leadership Seminar CHEM E 309 Creativity and Innovation CHEM E 310 Material and Energy Balances CHEM E 325 Energy and Entropy CHEM E 326 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CHEM E 330 Transport Processes I CHEM E 340 Transport Processes II CHEM E 341 Energy and Environment CHEM E 355 Biological Frameworks for Engineers CHEM E 375 Chemical Enginering Computer Skills CHEM E 435 Transport Processes III CHEM E 436 Chemical Engineering Laboratory I CHEM E 437 Chemical Engineering Laboratory II CHEM E 442 Renewable Energy CHEM E 445 Fuel Cell Engineering CHEM E 455 Surface and Colloid Science Laboratory CHEM E 456 Quantum Mechanics for Chemical Engineers CHEM E 457 Principles of Molecular Engineering CHEM E 458 Surface Analysis CHEM E 460 Polymer chemistry Laboratory CHEM E 461 Electrochemical Engineering CHEM E 465 Reactor Design CHEM E 467 Biochemical Engineering CHEM E 468 Air-Pollution Control Equipment Design CHEM E 480 Process Dynamics and Control CHEM E 481 Process Optimization CHEM E 482 Advanced Topics in Process Control CHEM E 484 Electronic and Optoelectronic Polymers CHEM E 485 Process Design I CHEM E 486 Process Design II CHEM E 490 Engineering Materials for Biomedical Applications CHEM E 491 Controlled-Release Systems CSE 501 Programming Language Analysis and Implementation CSE 503 Software Engineering CSE 504 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering Undergraduate of Civil Engineering graduate of Civil Engineering CSE 505 Principles of Programming Languages CSE 506 Advanced Topics in Programming Languages CSE 507 Computer-Aided Reasoning for Software CSE 510 Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction CSE 512 Data Visualization CSE 515 Statistical Methods in Computer Science CSE 517 Natural Language Processing CSE 519 Current Research in Computer Science CSE 520 Computer Science Colloquium CSE 521 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I CSE 522 Design and Analysis of Algorithms II CSE 523 Computational Geometry CSE 524 Parallel Algorithms CSE 525 Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis CSE 527 Computational Biology CSE 528 Computational Neuroscience CSE 529 Neural Control of Movement: A Computational Perspective CSE 531 Computational Complexity I CSE 532 Computational Complexity II CSE 533 Advanced Topics in Complexity Theory CSE 544 Principles of Database Systems CSE 546 Machine Learning CSE 547 Machine Learning for Big Data CSE 548 Computer Systems Architecture CSE 549 High-Performance Computer Architectures CSE 550 Computer Systems 590 - Vibrations 594 - Robust Control 599 - Advanced Energy Conversion 599 - Analysis and Modeling of Cell Mechanics 599 - Energy Conversion 600 - Independent Study/Research A E 511 Classical Control Theory A E 520 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics A E 532 Rocket Propulsion A E 541 Finite Element Analysis A E 550 Mechanics of Composite Materials A E 598 Aerospace Engineering Colloquium NEUBEH 554 Motor Learning: Cellular and Network Mechanisms CSE 551 Operating Systems CSE 552 Distributed and Parallel Systems CSE 553 Real-Time Systems CSE 557 Computer Graphics CSE 558 Special Topics in Computer Graphics CSE 561 Computer Communication and Networks CSE 564 Computer Security and Privacy CSE 567 Principles of Digital Systems Design CSE 568 Introduction to VLSI Systems CSE 571 AI-based Mobile Robotics CSE 573 Artificial Intelligence I CSE 574 Artificial Intelligence II CSE 576 Computer Vision CSE 577 Special Topics in Computer Vision CSE 579 Intelligent Control through Learning and Optimization 473 Linear Integrated Circuits 476 Digital Integrated Circuit Design 480 Microwave Engineering I 484 Sensors and Sensor Systems 488 Photonics Design Capstone 499 Special Projects 502 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems 506 Fundamentals of Wireless Communications CHEM E 493 Advanced Surface Analysis CHEM E 497 Special Projects in Chemical Engineering Design CHEM E 498 Special Topics in Chemical Engineering CHEM E 499 Undergraduate Research CHEM E 510 Mathematical Foundations of Systems Theory CHEM E 511 Biomaterials Seminar Undergraduate of Chemical Engineering graduate of Chemical Engineering CHEM E 512 Methods of Engineering Analysis CHEM E 514 Advanced Chemical Engineering Laboratory CHEM E 515 Experimental Methods in Chemical Engineering Research CHEM E 523 Seminar in Chemical Engineering CHEM E 525 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics CHEM E 530 Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer I CHEM E 531 Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer II CHEM E 554 Nanoscale Science I: Contact Mechanics and Rheology on the Nanoscale CHEM E 556 Colloidal Systems 510 Mathematical Foundations of System Theory 512 Graphical Models in Pattern Recognition 516 Computer Speech Processing 519 Stochastic Analysis of Data from Physical Systems 523 Introduction to Synthetic Biology 526 VLSI III 529 Semiconductor Optics


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